I liked the idea of being close to home after high school. So when a friend told me about the apprenticeship program at NBCC, I was in. I’m still learning every day – from my mentors and co-workers here at the mill. It’s a great fit.
Want to learn more about the trades we’re hiring for? Just ask.

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I grew up here, and I love New Brunswick life. Now, I work at the mill where my dad worked for 30 years. There are so many opportunities at JDI – you can really choose your own path.
Want to learn more starting your career path here? Just ask.

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Growing up, I had a passion for architecture and design… So finding the career I wanted, at Kent Homes, was perfect. I lead a great team of people. We’re a close-knit group – it feels like home here. My family thinks so too.
Want to learn more about building your career here? Just ask.

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I started here as a student, and now I’m working with our HR team. I connect great people with the right careers. I love playing a part in bringing, and keeping, the best and brightest here in New Brunswick.
Want to learn more about our career and development opportunities? Just ask.

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Family matters, and mine is on the East Coast. I knew I wanted to raise my family here. And it’s good to know that whether I’m in the office or the mill, I’m strengthening communities where we work… and live.
Want to learn more about new jobs from our new investments? Just ask.

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I've always been up for a challenge – from competitive mountain biking to my career. And when I wanted to take my career to the next level, JDI put me through an MBA. I’m always supported and empowered to take on the next challenge.
Interested in a challenging career? Just ask.

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After 17 years away, I wanted to come home to New Brunswick. Now, I lead an HR team focused on finding and developing great people, including 200+ summer students, every year. This is where careers grow and I love being a part of that.
Questions about career opportunities? Just ask.

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Joining the New Graduate Program at JDI Logistics was an easy decision. Now I have a fast-paced career, here at home. I’m embarking on a career that can go anywhere with a company that can, well, go anywhere.
Questions about career opportunities for new grads? Just ask.

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I worked in forestry, and a few years ago, I was up for a new challenge. JDI supported me in this transition. Now they are supporting me through my MBA so I can continue to make big moves – in my career and on the sea.
Questions about diverse career opportunities? Just ask.

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It’s empowering to lead a growing business and to work with a great crew. And doing it in New Brunswick means I can raise my kids in a great community and enjoy quality time with my family. And I know our crew gets to make it home every night too.
Questions about our career opportunities? Just ask.

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I moved from Mali to study civil engineering at Université de Moncton. And once I was here, I quickly realized I wanted to stay. Now I work on innovative projects with a wonderful team, designing new homes in a place that feels like home.
Questions about engineering positions or internships? Just ask.

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After backpacking abroad, I was ready to come home to a rewarding career. I worked with JDI when I was in university and realized the career opportunities were endless. So it was a natural fit. The skills I have and the job I love can take me anywhere I want to go.
Want to learn more about our career and growth opportunities? Just ask.

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After university, I moved to Calgary. When my niece was born, I realized I didn’t want to be the uncle she saw once a year. I took a job with JDI and quickly realized it was a career. I was even supported through an MBA.
Want to learn more about careers at JDI companies? Just ask.

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  • Can I buy a harvester or a different machine with Irving and start a business? I just need help to get started.

    Asked on October 17, 2015 at 11:03am

    Thank you for writing into Just Ask JDI.

    We are actively recruiting for harvesting and trucking contractors. Please contact either the e-mail or phone number below and a forestry representative will be able to provide you with more information. 



  • Need info. on contracts available in n.b. for Precommercial Thinning.

    Asked on June 7, 2015 at 7:28pm

    Thank you for writing into Just Ask JDI.

    JDI has pre-commercial thinning operations underway on lands we manage throughout NB.   Pre-commercial thinning is carried out by JDI's contractors who are responsible to hire their own workforce.

    If you would like further information, please contact Jason Killam at (506) 423-8291 or killam.jason@jdirving.com

  • Who do I contact about selling wood off our land?

    Asked on June 2, 2015 at 7:34pm

    Dear Brittany, 

    Thank you for writing into Just Ask JDI. 

    We have a team of professional foresters dedicated to woodlot services.  You can contact our 1 800 number or you can call one of the team members direct.   You can also visit JDIwoodproducers.com and go to Woodlot Services to see what we offer. 






  • I have 20 years of managerial experience in the auto rental industry. Do you have any related openings within your fleet departments?

    Asked on January 6, 2015 at 6:36pm

    We are always looking for people with strong experience to join our team. We keep our careers website up-to-date with events and all current openings with our organization. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest on careers with JDI. Thank you for your email!