Thirty years’ ago I studied accounting at NBCC. I’ve seen a lot change in 30 years, but not the level of continuous training and education that’s offered here. Thirty years’ of growth with one company. You can still do that. 

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In my mid-thirties I decided I wanted to leave my career. I went back to school and enrolled in the Power Engineering program at NBCC. I’m glad there was a company ready to welcome me to the team. 

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I liked the idea of being close to home after high school. So when a friend told me about the apprenticeship program at NBCC, I was in. I’m still learning every day – from my mentors and co-workers here at the mill. It’s a great fit.
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I grew up here, and I love New Brunswick life. Now, I work at the mill where my dad worked for 30 years. There are so many opportunities at JDI – you can really choose your own path.
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Growing up, I had a passion for architecture and design… So finding the career I wanted, at Kent Homes, was perfect. I lead a great team of people. We’re a close-knit group – it feels like home here. My family thinks so too.
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I started here as a student, and now I’m working with our HR team. I connect great people with the right careers. I love playing a part in bringing, and keeping, the best and brightest here in New Brunswick.
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Family matters, and mine is on the East Coast. I knew I wanted to raise my family here. And it’s good to know that whether I’m in the office or the mill, I’m strengthening communities where we work… and live.
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I've always been up for a challenge – from competitive mountain biking to my career. And when I wanted to take my career to the next level, JDI put me through an MBA. I’m always supported and empowered to take on the next challenge.
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After 17 years away, I wanted to come home to New Brunswick. Now, I lead an HR team focused on finding and developing great people, including 200+ summer students, every year. This is where careers grow and I love being a part of that.
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Joining the New Graduate Program at JDI Logistics was an easy decision. Now I have a fast-paced career, here at home. I’m embarking on a career that can go anywhere with a company that can, well, go anywhere.
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I worked in forestry, and a few years ago, I was up for a new challenge. JDI supported me in this transition. Now they are supporting me through my MBA so I can continue to make big moves – in my career and on the sea.
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It’s empowering to lead a growing business and to work with a great crew. And doing it in New Brunswick means I can raise my kids in a great community and enjoy quality time with my family. And I know our crew gets to make it home every night too.
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After backpacking abroad, I was ready to come home to a rewarding career. I worked with JDI when I was in university and realized the career opportunities were endless. So it was a natural fit. The skills I have and the job I love can take me anywhere I want to go.
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After university, I moved to Calgary. When my niece was born, I realized I didn’t want to be the uncle she saw once a year. I took a job with JDI and quickly realized it was a career. I was even supported through an MBA.
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  • I am a 1st year business student at NSCC. I will be taking the Accounting Concentration next year. I was wondering if you have any entry level jobs for students in the summer? Data entry/ filing, etc. A job that would pay to get me through the summer and also allow me to see if JDI is for me.

    Asked on March 12, 2018 at 8:33pm

    Good morning,

     Thank you for your interest in JDI.

    You can find all the details about our opportunities for students at

    Please feel free to visit the site, search and browse jobs, and apply online to a job that peeks your interest.



    JDI Careers Team

  • Hi! I'm looking into your Tree Planting positions for the summer of 2018, and all I can find advertised is one located in St Léonard. Are there other teams recruiting? Where could I find the information/application? Thanks in advance!

    Asked on January 4, 2018 at 11:10pm

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your email.

    You can expect to see job postings for all districts toward the end of next week (January 12th, 2018).

    There will also be information sessions held at universities, the dates will be shared on our website & social media pages throughout the remainder of the month.

    Be sure to like us on Facebook for the latest on summer job opportunities.

  • Im a pipefitter bye trade from ga.i would like to know who has the contract for the site in macon ga.or phone number i have 12yrs construction. Exp plese contact me im Chester. My phone

    Asked on August 9, 2017 at 1:28pm

    Good afternoon Chester,


    Thank you for your interested in our new plant in Macon, Georgia


    If you are interested in becoming a contractor/supplier, please send an email to


    If you are interested in applying for a job with this project, please visit




    JDI Communications

  • I am a rail fan (former dairy employee) from Ontario. I first visited St Leonard, NB in 2007 to photograph the MMA with a load of timber originating from Maine and delivered to the Irving Mill via a set of practical / interesting trackage. With all the changes in rail ownership lately, I am wondering which rail transportation services JDI utilize and, in particular, the mill at St Leonard? Thanks to all! Glenn Cherry, Hagersville, ON

    Asked on January 22, 2017 at 10:20pm

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your email and interest in our railway operations.

    Here is a link to the map of our rail operations and connections to other carriers.

    In 2013, we purchased the 25-mile Van Buren Sub Division from Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway.

    The line which connects with affiliate Main Northern Railway (MNR) at Madawaska, ME. and CN Rail at Saint-Leonard, NB. was an important addition to the NBM Railway system.