It’s time to put some faces to the names.

JDI is a family-owned business and we've been proud to call New Brunswick home for 130 years.

A big part of the reason we have been able to succeed as an industry leader is because we have a dynamic, engaged team of great people across all parts of our business.

And those people help us tell some great stories. So, we'd like to introduce you to a few of the thousands of people who contribute to our success and let them tell you why they're with JDI.

Dan Marino

One college co-op placement landed me the career I love.

Thirty years ago, I studied accounting at NBCC. I wouldn’t have thought that one co-op placement would change my life. But it did.

My accounting background has given me the flexibility to move around within the company – from forestry to transportation to sawmills. I’ve seen a lot change in 30 years, but what remains is the continuous training and education that’s offered here. I’ve been supported through my CMA and MBA, and it’s great to see our young accountants working their way up like I did. I want to ensure that our people have the skills and tools to contribute to a winning team here in New Brunswick.

Thirty years of growth with one company. You can still do that. 

Kathy Stull

A new career in the trades… without having to trade a thing. 

In my mid-thirties, I decided I wanted to leave my career and trade it in for a career in the trades. I went back to school and enrolled in the Power Engineering program at NBCC. I was afraid my career change would force me out West, but I had a great work term here with some amazing people.

Finding the right opportunity in Saint John let me keep my family here... and spend even more time with them.

I made a big change in my life and a big career move. I’m glad there was a company ready to welcome me to the team, so that I didn’t have to move. 

Sean Thomas

Learning and working in NB.

I wanted to make sure I was on a career path that was right for me after high school, but I also hoped to stay close to home. So when a friend told me about a program at NBCC that sounded like a great fit… I was in. I switched to Industrial Control Technology. It was the right thing for me.

I also knew I wanted to stay in New Brunswick – so being able to live where I grew up is pretty amazing. Who would want to give up this view? My friends are here, and now the people who I work with are friends too. They trained me when I was a co-op student and now that I work here full-time, I get to work with them every day. Right from the start I was told questions were welcome. I get great training, advice, support… and we have a lot of fun along the way.

It’s great to feel like one of the team already… and better to know that it’s the home team. 

Roger Dupuis

Building futures in New Brunswick.

Growing up, I loved architecture and design and I worked construction for a while… but when the time came to make a career decision, business won out. After I graduated with a BBA from Université de Moncton I worked on the business side in the construction industry – which was a pretty good fit. After a few years I found that I really wanted to play a bigger role in making a company successful. And my career at Kent Homes, has given me just that.

I spend most of my days in the office or the plant with our entire team, finding better ways to work. We thrive on coming up with creative solutions – from how we build homes to how we do business and work together across the company. Everyone here is committed to quality, and excited about the products we make. It’s infectious.

We’re a close-knit group with common goals, and that makes every day new and exciting. And being able to take my daughter to the same beautiful New Brunswick beaches I grew up on is a pretty great bonus.

Michelle Boyer

have a history here. And a future.

I grew up here, and I love New Brunswick life. I make the most of what our province has to offer - hiking, camping, ice climbing and saddle boarding. I'm always on the move.

When I was six, I found a book of house plans and was fascinated. I took my curiosity to the next level and started building models of these homes with my dad. They were tricky, but I'm not one to give up and the process intrigued me. That experience stuck, though by the time I started at UNB, I knew I was more of an engineer than an architect. 

Now, I work at the mill where my dad worked for 30 years. But I've moved around a lot in the company. The opportunities and challenges are limitless. Moving around from site to site helped me understand the bigger picture, so I can do my part to help the Forest Products business grow by keeping people here in New Brunswick or compelling them to make the move.

Lindsay Thompson

Innovation creates opportunities.

My father started with JDI as a forester 25 years ago. Growing up I saw the many opportunities he had to evolve and grow his career.

Now I've joined the company, and I'm having the same experience…in a bit of a different area. I have access to the latest tools and technology, and a voice in how we can use them to work in better ways. It's great to work at a place where good ideas are highly valued.

And now, working with our HR team, I have a chance to connect great people with the right careers. I love playing a part in bringing…or keeping…the best and brightest here at home in New Brunswick.

Jerome Pelletier

Family, home and career in NB.

My family moved to Edmundston when I was a kid and New Brunswick has been home ever since. Surrounded by nature, I don't think it was a surprise that I ended up studying Forestry at Université de Moncton. It was a natural choice for me.

I saw a lot of my graduating class head out west for work, but that wasn’t for me. Family matters, and mine was on the East Coast. Luckily my four co-op work terms led me to the career I wanted, close to home.

My career has been interesting and fast paced. Whether it has me in the office driving capital projects or in the sawmill overseeing operations, I know my role is helping to strengthen our forest communities… like the one that I’m from.

Mike Turnbull

Joined one company. Growing a career with many.

I've always been up for a challenge – in my life as well as my career. I like to take on new things, and do them well… and that is easier when you have the right tools and support.

When I started competitive biking, I bought a great bike. When we take on challenging jobs for our customers, I have access to the best team and equipment. And when I wanted to take my career to the next level, the company invested in my MBA and the opportunity to take on a leadership role with different JDI businesses – from JDI Sawmills and Woodlands to Irving Equipment and CFM. Like I said, the right tools and support can take you anywhere.

As my career continues to move forward, it's good to know that I'll always be supported in what I want to do, and empowered to do it well.

Susan Wilson

I found the right career… now I help others do the same.

After 17 years away, I wanted to come home to New Brunswick to give my kids an East Coast childhood, close to family. I also realized I could have a varied, exciting career here.

Now, I lead an HR team focused on finding and developing great people. I love getting out of the office and into the field to connect with our team of over 400 and to meet our future leaders. This is where careers grow and I love being a part of that.

So whether I’m in the office driving improvement, in the mills working with our team or connecting with the 200-plus students who work in our division every summer, I know I’m creating the same opportunities for them that I had here at home.

Olivia Greenbank

Moving my career – and our customers – in the right direction.

The year before I graduated, my summer job at Atlantic Towing was different from any past experience. I really learned the business. I was engaged, encouraged and valued, and a project I worked on ended up being rolled out.

Now I have a fast-paced career, here at home in Saint John. I landed a job that has me moving – between different roles and businesses – while helping to send our customers’ products around the world.

Joining the New Graduate Program at JDI Logistics was an easy decision – I’m trying different things, and learning what my strengths and interests are, so my career path will be right for me. I’m embarking on a career that can go anywhere with a company that can, well, go anywhere.

Sheldon Lace

My career, like my company, can go anywhere.

I grew up in a small coastal village (in NB? In the Maritimes?)and as a kid, I was exposed to all things marine. After all, the ocean was my backyard. But when the time came to start my career, I went in a different direction…the forest.

I studied Forestry and started with JDI as summer tree planter which offered a scholarship and helped pay for a great education at UNB. On graduation I joined JDI full time and moved into different roles, eventually becoming a regional forester. I loved that experience, and I learned so much. Then a few years ago I was ready for another challenge…and the sea was calling me back.

JDI supported me in this transition. Today I help manage with the offshore ships in the North Atlantic with the team at Atlantic Towing. The company has invested in me since the beginning, thorough formal training and invaluable mentorship. Now they are supporting me through my MBA so I can continue to make big moves – in my career and on the sea.

Brooke McAloney

After travelling, I came home to a career that can take me anywhere.

After some wonderful experiences and adventures abroad, I was ready to come home. I worked with JDI when I was in university and quickly realized that the career opportunities were endless.

Now I’m a Business Improvement Specialist. Finding a better way, every day, is what drives us. Training is key and I not only lead advanced training courses, I’m planning to take our management course in the fall – before hockey and ski season start.

I know that continuous improvement is a priority for every part of my company. The skills I have and the job I love can take me anywhere I want to go.

Adam Newhouse

Home from out west. Growing a great career.

After university, I moved to Calgary and worked in the financial, oil and gas industries. When my niece was born, I realized I didn’t want to be the uncle she saw once a year. So I looked for positions back home.

I took a job with JDI and quickly realized it was a career. I was supported through an MBA and offered guidance and opportunities. After working in a couple of different roles, I was offered the position of Marketing Manager for Kent, and it’s a great fit.

Now I live just outside the city, a few minutes from where I grew up, with my fiancé. I get to enjoy my career and time spent with old friends – because JDI has brought some of them home too.

Jenna Hazelton

I didn’t just join a company. I joined a community.

I came to New Brunswick for an exciting career – I like to be challenged. I started here as a co-op student from Dalhousie University and loved the work. I immediately felt like part of the team too, so making the move permanent was an easy decision.

It didn’t take me long to feel like I was part of my new community… at work and outside of work. Working with an experienced and supportive team ensures I’ll always keep learning, growing and moving forward. It also means that I have the support and encouragement to make the time to coach a team of my own – a local high school basketball team.

I always thought that New Brunswick would feel like home. It does. And I’m proud to be a part of the home team.

Ryan Cameron

I started at JDI as a summer student. One of hundreds.

I started as one of hundreds of summer students… but even in a temporary position, I always felt like I was part of the team. I started as a tree planting crew chief - part of a national record in reforestation.

When I was studying forestry at UNB, I knew I wanted to work for a company with a plan to take care of our natural resources. I grew up in New Brunswick, I studied here and I live here… so I need to know that the company I work for understands how important the forest is to our province.

We are always planning and researching. Even at school, they supported my Master’s research in forestry at UNB, which studied the positive impact forests and forest products have on reducing our carbon footprint - a positive impact on climate change. The forest is an important part of our future, and I work for a company that recognizes that.

Jamie O'Donnell

Taking care of the forest for my kids.

Like many New Brunswickers, I grew up camping, fishing and spending time in the forest around my hometown of Doaktown. I took forestry at UNB and completed a Master’s in forest economics – healthy forests that sustain our local economy for the long term are my passion.

I moved out west for work, like many New Brunswickers, but I didn’t necessarily feel I was giving my family the life I could at home in New Brunswick. When I was offered a good career opportunity that could bring me back home, it was an easy decision.

Now I’m doing a job I love in the woods where I grew up. And when I’m off the clock, I’m surrounded by friends and family. I’m passionate about maintaining healthy forests, so my kids – and my community – can continue to enjoy them the way I always have.

Brad Abernethy

I like the home team.

I grew up here and studied forestry at UNB. Today, caring for these forests is my career and passion. New Brunswick is a great place to raise a family. I’m glad I can stay and start mine here, close to family and friends. 

I like what this place has to offer my children. The sense of community here is something special. I also love that we have access to nature whenever we like. Camping, hiking and spending time outdoors are things we don’t take for granted, and they’re big parts of what make our province special. 

My job gives me the opportunity to stay and raise my family in New Brunswick. It lets me be a part of this community… but it’s much more than that. It makes me part of the home team, and gives me the opportunity to maintain what I love about this place for my kids.

Ward Hunter

I’m a New Brunswick forester.

I care about what happens to our forests, which is why I’m a part of building the plans that will protect them and keep them healthy.

I studied forestry at UNB and I’m also a New Brunswicker. I was born and raised here and I chose to stay. I understand how important the forest is to our economy, our culture and our lives in general in this province.

It’s important to me that I work for a company that understands that too.

Shona Millican

Breakthroughs in New Brunswick…benefits around the world.

I’ve always enjoyed being outside. So forestry at UNB was an easy choice…and staying in New Brunswick to live and start a family was an easier one. I guess it was a good call, because my parents moved here too.

When I started in this industry, I didn’t realize just how much went into making sure trees are healthy…the research, the science, the analysis. The breakthroughs we are making here in New Brunswick may impact tree health around the world.

We’re leaders in our industry and the investments that are planned in tree improvement will keep us there. The work we’re doing today will ensure that the forests that I enjoy with my family will be healthy for years to come.

Kyle Graves

Grandparents are better in person.

I didn’t want to move out west after school but the jobs were there and I needed experience.

I always knew I would come home to New Brunswick someday, but when my daughter arrived it became our top priority.

It’s great to be home but even better to come back to the right job. The investments being made at the pulp mill mean exciting projects, new technology and stability. This place is a big part of our community and it will be for years to come.

And it’s no small thing that my daughter will grow up with family close – chatting online was OK for a while, but grandparents are better in person. 

Nicole Clement

More  opportunity…better communities.

I grew up in the small village of Norton, and loved the sense of community. As a councilor there now I’m keenly aware of the opportunities and the challenges we face.

And as a mom, I have a vested interest in making sure the scale tips towards the opportunities.

At work, when I see the 1,700 suppliers we work with in over 250 communities, I feel good about the small part I play in tipping the scale the right way. I like the thought that every new contract signed means more choices for my daughter.

Brian Quirion

Planting trees is just a part of it.

I imagine a lot of people think that sustainable forestry is just about making sure that new trees get planted. But that’s just one part of our planning.

The trees are part of an ecosystem, so there is a lot more to consider. Water quality, soil, habitats, biodiversity – which is why we are out in the woods year–round to make sure we have the data we need to keep everything in balance.

There’s a lot to keep track of when you plan 80 years out, which is why we have a team of 150 forest professionals who work together, learn from each other and are focused on the same long…very long…term goals. 

Charles Neveu

Balancing jobs with healthy forests.

I don’t mind the early mornings because the payoff is getting to spend my days in the woods.

In 30 years, I’ve walked a lot of miles and marked hundreds of conservation zones for rare plants, animal habitats and sometimes just beautiful places. Today, we have over 2,000 unique areas including old growth forest habitat and there’s always more ground to cover.

Whether I’m teaching foresters and harvesters to recognize a rare orchid or marking a woodpecker stand, I know I’m helping keep the balance between the jobs we do and the healthy, diverse forests we want to protect for our future here in New Brunswick.

That’s why I’m with JDI.

Susan Coulombe

I was offered a career, and an MBA.

My dad was a logging contractor and I spent a lot of time in the woods with him – so forestry felt familiar from the start.

I worked at JDI as a co-op student and 36 hours after I wrote my final exam, I came on full time. Now, 20 years later, I lead the White Pine Division – the largest in North America – and work with an amazing team of 350 people in Canada and the U.S. to ensure that we are producing the highest quality products to send to our customers around the world.

The company supported me in my MBA and CMA and I’ve also had great mentors along the way. It means a lot to me that I’ve had a chance to offer the same support to members of my own team.

That’s why I’m with JDI.

John Gilbert

The forest is my office.

I've always been an outdoor guy. From playing in the woods as a kid, to earning a degree in fisheries and wildlife biology, I've been fortunate to build a career that has taken me to every corner of this province.

I’m the only fish and wildlife biologist employed by a forestry company in Atlantic Canada. My 25-year career at JDI has been devoted to conservation, protecting our rivers and forests and teaching my colleagues to do the same. I do believe that companies can have a conscience; I was hired to help be one and I’m supported in that every day.

That’s why I’m with JDI.

Jeff Green

This is home… I want to help you stay here.

I love meeting people. After starting out my career in accounting, I realized it wasn't what I envisioned, and I made the leap into human resources. It was an area that had always interested me, and it’s been a good move.

In my HR role, I'm always pro-actively looking for good people from every possible background: tradespeople, co-op students, mechanics, business and IT professionals. I meet with hundreds of people every year. And we have hundreds of jobs to fill. Seriously.

My best days at work? The ones where I get to hand someone an offer letter. That excitement never gets old.

That's why I'm with JDI.

Susan Schurman

I moved west for my dream job. But just 5 minutes west.

After leaving university with a degree in computer science and physics, I thought I'd have to move west to work. I was right; I live 5 minutes west of where I grew up in New Brunswick.

Fortunately my resume-building co-op stint turned into a career-building IT position in business intelligence. Simply put, I make data from every part of our business easy to use and that contributes to our success.  And I can already see that this is a company where I will always be learning.

I love that my job is challenging and different every day and I’m excited about what’s next. Plus, finding this kind of an opportunity so close to home lets me indulge my love of cooking and test new recipes on my friends.

That’s why I’m with JDI.

Ben Mills

My very first job was delivering papers…and here I am, all these years later, a JDI employee once again. Of course, my current job is just a little different.

There’s a lot of talk about job opportunities outside of New Brunswick, but I wouldn’t want to give up the lifestyle I have here. I get to come home to my family every night and have time to do the things I enjoy.

At work I’m exposed to so many challenges and innovations in my field and there is so much opportunity and so many directions my career can go in.

A few years ago I left New Brunswick for a job, but I came back home for a career.

Heather Morrison

I’m a CIS Programmer Analyst which means I help create geographical solutions for all areas of our business. My job offers me new challenges every day. I love coming up with solutions in the office and seeing them in action in the field.

It’s also nice to know that there are opportunities to grow within when I’m ready. And another nice little bonus? My husband is right by my side; working with me every day.

Laurie McCrea

I was hired one year ago as a Senior Reliability Engineer with Irving Pulp & Paper in Saint John. At work I always have a long-term perspective top of mind to keep things running smoothly so we don’t hit any bumps in the road. It’s been the same with my family – when I was living away my end goal was to move back to New Brunswick.

I grew up in New Brunswick, and I’m thankful that I was able to come back and raise my family here. It means a lot to me that my daughter can grow up with her grandparents and cousins close by.